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Affordable Healthcare for Rural Uganda

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Affordable Healthcare for Rural Uganda

Mission Rwentobo, with thanks to your support and generosity, assists the work of Hope Community Clinic which serves a very poor rural community in Rwentobo, SW Uganda. Through your giving, and other fundraising activies, we bring together a wonderful, dedicated staff team. With your regular support, Hope Community Clinic can be equipped and maintained and, through promotion of an affordable health insurance scheme, this vibrant community can access a range of quality local healthcare services which, without your help, may simply not be available. 

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January to August 2023 at Hope Clinic..


Patients came through our doors


Ante-natal patients were looked after


People with malaria were treated


Children were Immunised


Total paid to our 8 amazing staff members


Family planning clients seen


Laboratory tests done

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Clinic Team

Rwentobo, Uganda

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Justus - Cleaner at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaMiracle - Security Guard at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaMartha - Enrolled Nurse at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaMajiri - Enrolled Comprehensive Nurse at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaCharles - Medical Clinic Officer and Clinic Lead at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaBrenda - Midwife at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaAbel - Medical Lab Assistant at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo UgandaDianah - Aide Nurse at Hope Clinic, Rwentobo Uganda

Clinic Team

Rwentobo, Uganda

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We welcome all donations, no matter how small. You can choose to donate to a particular item such as equipment or towards the salary for a particular member of the team. Regular monthly donations are very much appreciated to enable us to plan into the future.

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