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Clinic Team

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Trustee Team


I first heard of Mission Rwentobo in 2022 after my family and I first started attending Tonbridge Baptist Church. Given we’re from Uganda, we felt led to be involved in supporting the Mission, and we visited Hope Clinic when we holidayed in Uganda in August 2023. The staff, led by Julius, were very welcoming and we were impressed by how much they’re able to do with the resources available to them. My background in Accounting and Finance has prepared me to serve as Treasurer on the team of trustees, and I’m looking forward to working with them to continue our support to the clinic.


When my family and I joined Tonbridge Baptist Church in 2022, we were pleased to know that the church supported a Mission Rwentobo that is based in Uganda. I am born and raised in Uganda and I wanted to be a part of the work TBC was doing in a country I call home.

I trained in Public Health and with experience working in the health sector in Uganda. I was glad to join the board of trustees of Mission Rwentobo because both my previous experience and knowledge of the health sector would be a great addition to the team. It is such an honour to be part of the team.


I first visited Rwentobo as part of the first Mission Team from Tonbridge Baptist Church in 2014. This was led by Gordon Miller and we went to support World Shine PrimarySchool in Rwentobo.  I have visited since, both with other teams and individually, as God has given me a heart forthe rural poor in Uganda, for whom life is so challenging.

I have worked at Warders Medical Centre for 25 years, recently stepping back from my role as nurse team leader, but remaining on the nurse bank, so I am able to help out with some nursing shifts when I am available.  The contrast between what is available on the NHS at Warders and in local hospitals and what is available to the rural poor in Uganda is huge, but Hope Community Clinic is now providing hope to many by offering affordable health care. I am pleased to use some of the extra time which is now available to me, to act as chair of a wonderful team of trustees as we work together as strategic partners for the clinic in fund raising and offering our support to the ongoing work, trusting God for each step.

Mick H

Mick H visited Rwentobo in 2017 in the early stages of the Hope Community Clinic project, his son James having visited the previous year as part of a youth mission. At home, Mick is a trainer/consultant/coach in the field of trauma-informed systems and approaches, and a parenting specialist. He has helped set up and has held governance roles for a number of charities.


Rwa Benson Mugyenyi was a primary school teacher in Uganda before he left in 2000 to study theology at the International Christian College in Glasgow. In 2004, his wife Margaret and their three children joined him in Glasgow. Benson graduated in 2005, and instead of returning to Uganda, he spearheaded the registration of World Shine Foundation, a charity he set up to support the work of Worldshine Ministries in Uganda. Benson and his family remained in Scotland, coordinating, and representing World Shine Uganda. In 2009, God blessed Benson and his wife Margaret with a fourth child.

Benson now works as a support worker, supporting people with complex learning disabilities and autism in Glasgow. He is a trustee and elder in his Church in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, and likes jogging, cycling and walking as hobbies. He also does occasional preaching in different Churches when invited.

Mick B

Mick lives in Tonbridge, Kent with his wife Debbie. Together we have visited Rwentobo on a number of occasions and were moved by the needs there. We have two sons and one daughter, and three grandchildren. Mick was a Technical Director at a large American Insurance Broker in London, now retired. His interests and leisure time are occupied with playing guitar, cycling and playing bowls.