Christmas greetings and update from Hope Community Clinic, Uganda

Monthly Update
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December 19, 2023

December started well for Hope Community Clinic, with a visit from Hanna Spillman and her friend Liz, who is spending a few months at Kisiizi Hospital doing diabetes care. They brought with them the new enrolled midwife, Damari, who is in the middle of the group, standing next to Hellen, the new clinical officer.  Sister Diana, next to Hanna on the right, who supervises the clinic on behalf of Kisiizi Hosptial also visited. Hanna Spillman was delighted to see the positive attitude of the team and was encouraged to hear about their weekly, Tuesday evening, Christian fellowship meetings.

This is the new enrolled midwife, Damari, who is settling well as she learns her new role.  Meanwhile, Brenda has been successful in completing her course and exams at Kisiizi Hospital to enable her to upgrade to a registered midwife. After doing some further training at Kisiizi in January, she will return to the clinic in preparation for extended maternity services. We give thanks for all the support received to raise funds for the structural repairs that are required to the clinic.  The funds have been sent to Kisiizi and currently, quotations are being compiled for wall repairs and a new rain shelter over the main entrance, to be combined with the exterior changes which are required in order to provide for the delivery of babies.  This includes a placenta pit, incinerator area and clinical waste storage, all of which must be fenced off. Some interior modifications will also be required to provide the delivery room and maternity ward. God has been so good in providing for the needs of the Rwentobo community and beyond. This time last year, it was not certain if Kisiizi would be able to continue to support the clinic but, thanks to His provision, we have seen the clinic grow in numbers attending and lives saved and the dream to provide for the delivery of babies in 2024 is becoming a reality!  We now have the necessary staff and we hope and pray that the new year will see the necessary infrastructure in place. Mission Rwentobo trustees give out heartfelt thanks to Kisiizi Hospital and to all our wonderful supporters for your continued support for the project.

Mission Rwentobo trustees personally sent a small amount of money to thank the wonderful clinic team for all their hard work this year and to enable them to enjoy a Christmas party. Nurse Martha took this photo of them cutting a cake, after which they enjoyed a meal together and a time of worship and thanksgiving. They were pleased that the voluntary community health workers were able to join them for the party.  The team send Christmas greetings to all supporters - "May the Good Lord bless you all."  They will continue to work over the Christmas period and have decorated the clinic to keep everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Please give thanks for:

  • The wonderful clinic team, including new staff members.
  • Lives saved and transformed by the love of God demonstrated at the clinic.
  • The continued support of Kisiizi Hospital, ensuring high standards of care.
  • Dr and Ian Spillman are at Kisiizi until February so can help to co-ordinate the building and preparations for extended maternity services.
  • The ongoing support of World Shine Ministries.
  • Financial and prayer support throughout 2023.

Prayer requests:

  • That reliable builders will soon start the necessary work to upgrade the clinic.
  • The clinic staff will be able to find affordable accommodation off site.
  • An application has been made to the Souter Charitable Trust for funding towards the salaries of the new Clinical Officer and midwife, please pray for a generous response.
  • That maternity services will soon be extended to include the delivery of babies so that lives of both mothers and babies can be saved in an area with high risks for maternal and neonatal deaths.

May you all know the light, love and Joy of Jesus this Christmas and his peace and guidance in 2024.