Mission Rwentobo report for TBC Global

January 2023

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January 25, 2023

Clinical Officer, Julius Murangira, continues to lead a small but effective staff team of eight people at Hope Community Clinic to provide healthcare to a poor and vulnerable community in Rwentobo, Uganda.  The team were very grateful for a small financial personal gift which was sent over as a Christmas treat.  This enabled them to share a Christmas party and cake with members of the local community.

Give thanks
  • Attendance to outpatients increased in the last 3 months of 2022 (412) mainly due to increased cases of malaria.  37 required admission, all of whom made a full recovery after an average of two days.
  • Numbers attending the clinic have increased in part due to the Rwentobo Sisters – a group of Catholic nuns who look out for the vulnerable in the community and send those who require treatment to the clinic, often funding the costs.  Please pray this partnership continues to develop.
  • The weekly immunisation clinics continue to be well attended with increased numbers in October (266) due to new vaccines being introduced nationally: Hepatitis B, polio 2, MMR 2 and yellow fever.
  • On average 30 women attend for antenatal care monthly but, thanks to donations from the TBC Christmas card contributions, this should increase due to planned outreach into the community to provide combined antenatal, family planning and childhood immunisation services.
Prayer requests
  • MR have planned a fund-raising concert on Saturday 25th February at TBC from 7.00pm. Please pray that this will be an enjoyable event where much-needed funds can be raised.
  • The solar batteries need replacing at a cost of £4,000.  Please pray that funds can be found.
  • Long-term plans – Kisiizi Hospital will be overseeing the clinic until June 2023 but God’s guidance is needed regarding structures and support beyond that date.
  • The clinic has passed inspection with UPMB for level 2 services but needs to provide full maternity services, including deliveries, in order to achieve level 3, which gives access to more financial support.  Please pray that the necessary modifications to the site can be made and funds can be found for the extra registered midwife and equipment which will be required.